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Columbia Who?

Mark Rassell


Every hockey fan is aware of controversies within the game. Currently the biggest headlines in the NHL are the controversies and storylines surrounding the remaining unsigned RFA’s heading into next week’s start of training camp. After William Nylander’s holdout last season many GM’s are worried their players may do the same.

National Hockey League front offices have people on staff specially trained to deal with controversies as they come but in the case of Collegiate level hockey team Columbia, how do they deal with controversy?

Late Thursday night controversy seemed to fall right into the lap of Head Coach Bruce Baker The center of this issue: What is the team name? Every MCHC fan knows that the Columbia Ice Hockey team is called the Lions, or are they? Recent rumours of a name change to the Hutchmen (Meaning: “men who play out of the Ice Hutch Arena”) started swirling on social media.

The last thing a rebuilding team needs is an identity crisis. Luckily, the Columbia brass had acted swiftly to shut down these rumours stating in a tweet “(We’re) still the lions! Hutchmen is more of a nickname.”

The Golden State Warriors are sometimes referred to as the Dubs, the Toronto Maple Leafs are sometimes called the Buds, and now, once and for all, we know the Lions are the Lions, only sometimes being called the Hutchmen.

You can catch the Lions playing at the Ice Hutch on October 12 at 10:15pm as they take on out of-state opponent WestConn.

Mark Rassell is a Jr. Reporter for the Columbia Lions Men’s Hockey team. He spends his time lurking the depths of social media to find stories he can bring to the people. You can follow him on twitter @Mark_Rassell

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