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Franklin Disappoints In 7 Point MCHC Debut

Mark Rassell,


In his highly anticipated MCHC debut, 5-star forward Dennis Franklin crumbled under the pressure of expectations, the intensity of play, and the burden of collegiate hockey.

Hockey fans everywhere know that Wayne Gretzky is nicknamed the Great One. Gretzky had a regular season career points per game average (PPG) of 1.92. Columbia Lions forward Dennis Franklin currently has a points per game average of 7.00 in the MCHC. Does this mean he is destined to be 3.6 times better than the greatest of all time? Only time will tell.

But if last night was any indication, the Lions worry he won’t be the prospect he was advertised to be.

I briefly spoke with Dennis after the Lions MCHC opening night 11-7 win against SUNY Maritime and he was, shockingly, thrilled with his performance. With 2 goals in his conference debut this reporter and fans alike are excited to see what the future holds for this young man. However, like many great veteran players in the league, Franklin’s linemates Andy Dunn and Ben “Astro” Vermette seemed justifiably disappointed in their new linemate. “With Astro and I both getting hat-tricks, we had the opportunity as a line to accomplish the rare triple hat-trick. With Dennis only contributing a mere two goals we remain outside of the history books. Frankly, as a 5-star recruit, we thought he’d contribute much more.” Dunn stated. “I went on the Keto diet throughout the off-season in preparation for this season, what did this kid do?” A clearly frustrated Vermette added.

Evidently, a small sample size will lead some fans loving a player, and some fans hating a player. Dennis will look to impress his new linemates, and bounce back from what many thought to be a disappointing start to his career, next weekend as he and his Lion teammates take on STAC on Friday and WESTCONN on Sunday.

Dennis also added 5 assists in his debut.

Mark Rassell is a Junior Reporter and Statistical Analyst for the Columbia Lions University Men’s Hockey team. It is not known whether Mark has recorded an assist in his lifetime.

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